Posted on: March 14, 2017

Every trip to the UK should include a visit to Harrods, even if you wallet may scream at you. The spectacle of the place is worth the visit and there are some wallet friendly items that you can purchase so at least you can walk out, head held high, carrying a Harrods Bag.

After a quick visit to the food court, my wife and I moseyed upstairs to the ice cream shop. Its actually hidden pretty well between the book store and the luggage department and you may have to ask a few well dressed harrods employees form directions.

Well the store didn’t disappoint. The environment, engagement by the employees and the product were outstanding. A common trend in UK ice cream or gelato stores is to make a feature out of the containers or glass dishes that your dessert is served in. Harrods displayed their high end parfait containers in the middle of the serving area and also hanging from the ceiling.

All in all the menu was very diverse, the ice cream was great and I can highly recommend a visit to the Harrod’s Ice Cream Store


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