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We get many questions at Scoop School about whether retailers should order a chocolate base mix or make their own from a white base.

This recipe is a simple but effective process of changing your white base to chocolate.  Of course there is a cost to making a chocolate base this way, however your chocolate mix will be a little more expensive than your white base anyway.

This way, your chocolate flavor will be totally unique and proprietary to your concept.

Dark Chocolate from a White Base Mix
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Dark Chocolate from a White Base Mix
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  1. Use two containers to prepare mix and pour two gallons of the white base mix into one, and a half gallon of mix into the other. Whisk the Chocolate powder into the smaller mix container until fully mixed and let stand for 20 min
  2. Add the chocolate paste, and the extracts to the larger mix bucket and blend using an immersion blender. Add the powder and mix solution you have standing. Whisk together
  3. Run through your ice cream machine following manufacturers instructions.
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