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This one is a personal favorite that quickly became the signature flavor in our store in St Louis.  The beauty of a cheesecake flavor is that it is highly universal.  You can do strawberry cheesecake in one run, mango cheesecake in another and the list goes on and on.

Video of this recipe is right here:

Black Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
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Black Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
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  1. Combine the white base mix with the vanilla and the cheesecake base. Don't be concerned if the mix curdles a little. The tartness of the base will tent to do that. If you are running this recipe in a frozen custard machine you should be aware that the thicker the mix, the more open your flow valve needs to be.
  2. Freeze down the mix in your freezer as per manufacturers instructions.
  3. Upon extraction, variegate or ribbon the frozen product with the black raspberry puree and the graham cracker pieces. Please note that the graham cracker pieces will absorb the mix a little and take on the texture of a pie crust. Using actual pie crust will not hold its integrity in the mix and become a little sloppy
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